Re-Wilding the Creative Feminine

Re-Wilding the Creative Feminine

Hosted by: Melinda J. Penna

Exploring dimensions of mental wellbeing, working out who we are and who we want to be in the world, and sharing the journey of the Collective Feminine Wisdom inherent in our physical, emotional, intellectual,...

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The Southern Winter Solstice: Descending into the Dark Womb of the Death Goddesses

Episode #10

Hello Friends and Blessings of the Solstice to you all, whichever hemisphere of the sacred cycle you are experiencing at this time This short bonus episode is my gift - sharing a rare personal insight into my own...
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Looking to the Cycles of Nature for Creative Courage as well as Inspiration

Episode #9

Hello Friends In this episode, I want to pay my respects to the People of the Eora Nation in the region of Sydney, Australia. To their Elders, past, present, and emerging, and all who have and continue to care for...
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"Permission" - Who is Holding the Reins?

Episode #8

Hello Friends... Well today's episode is a bit of a blast out of the reflective comfort zone! Racing out of the barrier, my train of thought on this topic sets out as fast as my voice and runs the full depth of...
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When Change is Tough - Exploring the Smallest Difference that can Make a Difference

Episode #7

Hello dear friends This episode is recorded in a glorious eucalyptus grove that I discovered in the middle of San Francisco... Share the experience with me as I invite you to imagine yourself as an Australian amidst...
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Capacity: Finding the Present Moment in the Midst of Chaos

Episode #6

Hello lovely people... This episode was recorded looking out over the ocean at a beach in Sydney. In the background you can hear the crash of the waves upon the rocks and the shore as the early morning tide is coming...
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Make Good Art...where "Good" = For the Sheer Joy of It

Episode #5

Hello beautiful people... This episode comes to you from me and my Special Guest contributor, my ancient bunny, Oscar! If you listen closely, you might hear little clattering sounds in the background. This is Oscar...
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Sheer Beauty - How pausing to appreciate the inspirational feeds our creativity

Episode #4

Hello Lovely People This episode arose out of one of those moments that perhaps you may recognise too: when you catch yourself lost in the sheer bliss of being in a beautiful place or experience. Does that ring any...
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Unravelling Language: Now you have it - Now you don't...What Happens Next?

Episode #4

Hello Lovely People.... Continuing with the theme of short reflections, I wanted to share with you a recent opportunity I had to open to new perspectives on being in relationship. As you will no doubt hear in my...
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Loosening the Grip on Time

Episode #3

Hello Hello lovely people... In this second in my series of short conversations inspired by the magic of Mexico, I found myself walking down a moonlit cobbled road to join a group of remarkable people in a Temazcale...
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Joy as Balance

Episode #2

During my most recent travels, I decided to make a series of short recordings stemming from moments of inspiration. This is the first of these musings, complete with the background sounds of the humming birds and...
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Welcome to Re-Wilding the Creative Feminine

Episode #1

Hello Hello and welcome! If you have ever wondered what your life even means anymore...ever caught yourself thinking: How did I get here? or noticed that you have spent longer than you can remember ticking the...
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