Unravelling Language: Now you have it - Now you don't...What Happens Next?

Episode #4

Hello Lovely People....

Continuing with the theme of short reflections, I wanted to share with you a recent opportunity I had to open to new perspectives on being in relationship.

As you will no doubt hear in my Australian-English accent, Spanish is not my first language. In fact, I'd go so far as to say - when it comes out of my mouth - it isn't exactly a language at all! And yet I have brought myself to this place of connecting with two remarkable Elders in Mexico who have opened their hearts, their home, and friendship to me.

Imagine... I am sitting in the car with them and immersing myself in the sounds of their beautiful Spanish conversation, with very limited grasp of the actual words being spoken.

What might that feel like? How might that rouse my inner critical voice that sometimes doubts my courage and says I can't do this?

In the spirit of this podcast, I invite you to share with me in my raw experience of being in relationship in the absence of one of our most relied upon senses for making sense in the world and to join me in unravelling the possibilities that may arise.

As always, if this resonates with you, please do share your thoughts...have you had a similar or different experience that arises for you?

Stepping towards our Collective Feminine Wild selves is a joy and I look forward to continuing our journey together.