It matters to me to share with you the person I am. Choosing a therapist, a guide, or a teacher on your journey of self awareness is a big step. You need to trust this person and build a relationship together that will feel safe enough to be vulnerable, and strong enough to propel you into your dreams and beyond.


When you work with me, you deserve to know the depth of my experience, to feel the breadth of my commitment, and to experience the emergence of the wisdom we will co-create together for you.

I didn’t just do a course or read a book on Attachment Theory: I went to London - twice - and studied at the Bowlby Centre where the whole thing was created.

I have 3 post-graduate degrees: 1 in psychotherapy from Australia and 2 in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy from King’s College London, one of the top Neuroscience research institutes in the world.

In the business world, I have created, failed at, and run businesses; coached both huge scale corporate teams, and start ups. I’m an investor, a mentor, and ideator partner with creatives and start ups.

I have worked with several NHS trusts in child, adolescent, and adult acute mental health; and spent 2 years working with torture surviving asylum seeker young people, couples, and families at the leading charity for asylum seekers in the UK - Freedom from Torture.

My private clients come to work with me from across cultures, languages, nationalities, gender, economic, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual ranges from all over the world.

It is a rich and rewarding process of which I am deeply proud and their trust in me is a profound honour.

They teach me what real courage is and I am grateful to be in service as a healer at this monumental time.

You are welcome here!
I am so looking forward to meeting you.


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