Hi, I'm Melinda.

As a child, I was absolutely convinced that magic is real.


I also wanted to be a nun when I was about 7…until a teacher said I would have to spend all my time cleaning instead of reading fairy tales…. At which point I decided I would find a better way of doing spiritual stuff and having magical adventures!


Instead, I devoured every fantasy novel, adventure story, and imagination game I could get my hands on…whilst always ensuring I created a matching fabulous outfit because apparently that is important, too. 


I had a chuckle to myself recently when I found out that Einstein said the way to get smarter was to read fairy tales. All I wanted was to find Baba Yaga’s hut! In the end, as it turns out, She found me…but that, my lovely friends, is a story for another day.


On the way, I took a very windy path via a stint in the military studying aeronautical engineering (!) where I learned I am much better with people than technical drawings. I qualified as a naturopathic herbalist, along-side of numerous years in the IT corporate world, where my inability to stop myself from volunteering gave way to running stuff, and eventually led on to creating start ups and coaching business leaders, entrepreneurs, and project teams in the arts of high performance relational and systemic communication.


….which is a fancy way of saying I teach people how to be human with other humans so they can get on, get things done, and feel that who they are and what they contribute matters.


It is a rich and rewarding process of which I am deeply proud and their trust in me is a profound honour.

They teach me what real courage is and I am grateful to be in service as a healer at this monumental time.

You are welcome here!
I am so looking forward to meeting you.


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