Capacity: Finding the Present Moment in the Midst of Chaos

Episode #6

Hello lovely people...

This episode was recorded looking out over the ocean at a beach in Sydney. In the background you can hear the crash of the waves upon the rocks and the shore as the early morning tide is coming in.

I wanted to share these particular sounds and mental picture with you as an extra dimension whilst you listen today. Engaging our sensory awareness is a powerful tool that is available any time you feel caught up in the chaos around you, or simply want to pause and be present with where your body is in this moment.

Today, I invite you to join me in being curious about how it is that you experience Capacity...that is, the capacity to be present, to bring your awareness to the fascinating and inspiring reflection that our bodies Only Exist in the present moment.

The mind - our ego self - can get lost in the past or the can fixate on 'what happened', 'I wish I'd said...', and 'what if...'

Yet our body, our source of amazing present moment wisdom and the home of our emotional experiencing, is only ever in this very second.

And for just this second, can it be ok to pause and notice your breath?

For with that breath there is the possibility, however that arises for you, to gently find a little space in between and perhaps, your own moment of resilient capacity.