Looking to the Cycles of Nature for Creative Courage as well as Inspiration

Episode #9

Hello Friends

In this episode, I want to pay my respects to the People of the Eora Nation in the region of Sydney, Australia. To their Elders, past, present, and emerging, and all who have and continue to care for this ancient land and those who walk here and share in the beautiful nature which surrounds us.

The podcast is recorded in a nature reserve that is protected and cared for by a collaboration between the traditional keepers of this land and others who come with open hearts to share in tending to the sacred spaces of the earth. Being in this place inspired me to think about the wisdom of traditional peoples, their connection to nature in all stages of the cycle of life.

Perhaps this may resonate with you as you think about what shows up for you during times in your life, in your creative journey, when you may notice a sense of anxiety or fear that you have 'lost it', that you can't create - or perhaps a time when your energies are lower, or you are pushing for a deadline and striving to be 'finished'. Or even a time after the creation has emerged, the collaboration has ended, when it feels like 'the party is over' so to speak...and there is a fear that you are going to stay in the grieving time or the anxious time. As always, I invite you to use the words or experience that comes to mind for you. Tune into your intuition and see what arises for you when you read this and listen to the recording.

However it is that you perceive the creative process in this moment, our conversation together today offers a chance to reflect on the cycle of nature as a framework for where it is that you feel you are and where you are being guided to go next. Do you surrender to the dark and quiet of ending moments? Do you yearn for the fire of new beginnings? Are you most comfortable in the creative flow of full ripening projects, or in the 'release into the wild' of your creativity? What new awareness is available to you as you imagine the full richness of the Life-Death-Life cycle that is so different from our modern, linear and destination-oriented goal model?

If this idea of looking to the cycles of nature for both creative courage and inspiration appeals, perhaps you may like to write your thoughts in your journal and notice how your inner senses change as the wheel turns, wherever you are. And please share your thoughts! I would love to hear what gives you the courage to soften into surrender.

With much loving kindness