When Change is Tough - Exploring the Smallest Difference that can Make a Difference

Episode #7

Hello dear friends

This episode is recorded in a glorious eucalyptus grove that I discovered in the middle of San Francisco...

Share the experience with me as I invite you to imagine yourself as an Australian amidst native eucalypt giants but not in the way or the place that your pre-conceived autopilot mind anticipates.

For this moment, let's explore together how the smallest differences can offer powerful opportunities to interact with change in our lives.

Allow yourself to engage different senses - the sounds of the birds, the accent of my voice. Perhaps you might settle and gently close your eyes and imagine you feel the same beautiful warm sunshine on your skin or the gentle breeze that I discovered as I recorded this for you. If you have ever smelled the scent of eucalyptus trees in the air, you may feel the sensations in your body that come with allowing your senses to engage and lean into the resonance of my words.

Little things are surprisingly powerful in times of change, amidst the chaos all around, and in bringing our awareness back to the body, to the breath, to the capacity to be present with what brings just the smallest ease, just here and now.

Wishing you a wonderful day, wherever this finds you.