The Southern Winter Solstice: Descending into the Dark Womb of the Death Goddesses

Episode #10

Hello Friends and Blessings of the Solstice to you all, whichever hemisphere of the sacred cycle you are experiencing at this time

This short bonus episode is my gift - sharing a rare personal insight into my own meditation at the Southern Winter Solstice - and inviting you to feel together with all of us on this blessed journey of re-wilding the creative and divine feminine what we can release today so that new life can be born.

As I was recording, I was spontaneously aware of an image of us all connected, the Southern and the Northern sisters, like a double helix of the unity of the divine feminine: one half in the full ripeness of summer and one half in the deep depths of the surrender into the womb of the dark mother. Together, an eternal spiral on this remarkable planet we share.


With much love