Welcome to Re-Wilding the Creative Feminine

Episode #1

Hello Hello and welcome!

If you have ever wondered what your life even means anymore...ever caught yourself thinking: How did I get here? or noticed that you have spent longer than you can remember ticking the socially accepted boxes and yet something inside feels lost, empty, or just bored senseless and sick of feeling unfulfilled...then this may be the podcast you have been looking for.

My name is Melinda Penna. I am a systemic psychotherapist with decades of experience with leaders and teams in corporates and start-ups, as well as deep work with complex trauma survivors, families and couples, and my most recent project working with Menopausal Women Who Refuse to be Invisible.

I've helped thousands of people just like you who hear that inner voice in the quiet moments which whispers that you want to find who you really are.

Many of these people, myself included, have taken on jobs and responsibilities related to family, culture, and the needs and expectations of others...which is great...until somehow, it just isn't anymore.

Many are approaching or into, what Jungian analyst and writer James Hollis calls The Middle Passage - the second billion heart beats of our lives, and the opportunity to truly choose - from this new threshold - the life you want to give love to.

This podcast is an extension of my work and journey as an Elder, psychotherapist, and presenter. You can find my ever emerging website at melindajpenna.com and I look forward to sharing stories with you.