"Permission" - Who is Holding the Reins?

Episode #8

Hello Friends...

Well today's episode is a bit of a blast out of the reflective comfort zone!

Racing out of the barrier, my train of thought on this topic sets out as fast as my voice and runs the full depth of urgent exploration into how Permission can be such a B*tch sometimes.

I do apologise in advance for the word. I found myself so impassioned in the moment that I wanted to share the thoughts exactly as they were arising, to allow the creative flow and invite you to share my human frustration at how it feels to experience that embodied stuckness, the waiting for something outside of ourselves to make it ok to act.

Have you ever had such a moment? Have you ever heard the harsh critic in your head telling you that you aren't ready or good enough, or some other words that keep you hunkered down and fearful of sharing your beautiful creation of self?

You are not alone in this, dear friends.

So today, this is me sharing my own frustration...and slowly, through sharing out loud and refusing to keep these thoughts inside me where they can wreak havoc, you may hear the sound of me calming and returning to a place of being centred in myself.

Have a listen and see if you can hear the point where my breathing changes, as it slows, as the speed and flow of my words slow and become kinder to myself and more reflective...perhaps you have felt this in your own body too when you are able to share your thoughts and feel heard.

In sharing these reflective moments with you, it is my hope that you may find it helpful to reflect within yourself and be curious about your own experience of times when you may notice waiting for permission...and also times when you notice you give that to yourself freely.