Sheer Beauty - How pausing to appreciate the inspirational feeds our creativity

Episode #4

Hello Lovely People

This episode arose out of one of those moments that perhaps you may recognise too: when you catch yourself lost in the sheer bliss of being in a beautiful place or experience.

Does that ring any bells for you? Can you feel or sense or think back to a moment when you heard a piece of music that seemed like it was singing exactly what you felt? Or perhaps you experienced a spectacular sunset, ate the best meal you have ever tasted, or found yourself spellbound and immersed completely in a story or a painting or a place in nature...

These moments that seemingly transport us from the everyday are - I feel - such food for our creative inner being.

I hope, wherever this short reflection finds you, there is a moment in your day to enjoy something for the sheer awe or joy of it.

If you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear your thoughts!